1.Why i starts making Paper Jewelry?

I collect jewelry like I collect shoes--meaning, I only have a little of each. Part of me would love to have a closet full of foot wear and a cabinet full of sparkly, chunky color. The other part of me lacks the money (and possibly style) to pull it off. I'm also super picky about being comfortable, and frankly, a lot of fun shoes just aren't that comfortable. Same goes for large earrings--dangley and pretty, but pulling on my ears all day.

So I decided to design my own and I think they came out pretty good--a cheap (and light) way to add a pop of color to my get up!

I created each earring pattern in Make the Cut, making sure to put a small hole at the top of each one for a hook.

We sell Paper Earrings. If you like to buy just contact 91 9791097278.

SDC1383329 SDC13902 SDC13904 SDC13906

      Earrings No.11 - Rs.100    

              Earrings No.12 - Rs.80      

           Earrings No.13 - Rs.80    

             Earrings No.14 - Rs.60

SDC13908 SDC13909 SDC13927 SDC13929

      Earrings No.15 - Rs.80    

              Earrings No.16 - Rs.50      

           Earrings No.17 - Rs.80    

             Earrings No.18 - Rs.80

SDC13931 SDC13932 SDC13937 SDC13939

      Earrings No.19 - Rs.60    

              Earrings No.20 - Rs.50      

           Earrings No.21 - Rs.80    

             Earrings No.22 - Rs.60

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